Amsterdam-Part 1

During the Easter break we went to Amsterdam on the annual Art Society trip. I took with me my Mamiya C33, with 135mm and 50mm lenses. The intention was to shoot lots of film, however I soon found that the city was far busier than expected, and it was therefore hard to find quiet spots to shoot film. The city itself is lovely, with some magical old architecture and beautiful churches. Everything is packed closely together, so a church may be beautiful, but will be in between houses, which poses a problem for composition. I did manage to shoot two rolls of 120, one Kodak Tmax 100 and one Fomapan and I am very happy with the results. If I went again I might take my 35mm, easier to travel with than the bulky C33. However, the image quality is worth the airport weight struggle. Most of the images were shot around one very quiet street which has one side facing the canal with no cars, which was a dream for a photographer.

While in Amsterdam I also visited both the Foam and Huis Marseille Photography Museums which were fantastic. Foma is more contemporary: there was a large exhibition of William Eggleston prints, which were wonderful to see in real life, a bright and vivid form of reality. I discovered the work of Daisuke Yokota and his film based installations. At the Huis Marseille I encountered a fascinating exhibition by Jeff Cohen; I really admire his large scale portrait and landscape prints, especially the ones into which he has worked other media.


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