Cyanotype and Drawing Workshop

During the Easter holidays I took part in running a workshop at the School Of Art for GCSE students considering going to University. It was a very rewarding experience; I ran it alongside Simon and Alysia, fellow MA students. We began with a talk from Simon, who already being a teacher, is experienced in holding a class’s attention. The objective was to open their eyes to the world of art, and to the fact that art could be anything, not just the classics people believe ‘art school’ is about. This was followed by a tour of our impressive building, formerly the chemistry building, and a brief mention of the School of Art Collections. We then ran a still life work shop, with lots of junk and a skeleton in the middle of the studio, and various different exercises for the students to complete. For many it was the first time drawing from life.

This was followed by an hour’s Cyanotype workshop, which was my main contribution. The students collected materials from the grounds, placed and arranged them on large coated sheets, and exposed them using a UV box. They made some very successful prints. I brought in a selection of my sketchbooks from my first year at Aberystwyth for them to flick through. It was really fun looking back as those few years now seem so long ago… To me these workshops are a way of testing the teaching waters; I strongly feel it is an area I will return to after a few years away from education following my MA.



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