London Calling – Polaroid 600

It was coming to the point the in semester where one needs a break. This term has been exceptionally long, due to Easter being so late. I decided to take a trip down to London for a few days to see a friend and a few exhibitions, and having not been for 7 years, I decided the time was right. Tate Modern, V & A, Camden Market are a few of the places I visited.

As a break from my more formal shooting, I took only my digital and my Polaroid 600 camera, eager to try out the Impossible Project’s instant film. This film is expensive, and you only get 8 shots, so it’s quite an investment if you wish to shoot Polaroid on a regular basis. I actually picked this camera up in a charity shop for under £10, and I remember these from the 90s.  These are the results.

I have mixed feelings about the film, mainly caused by the price, at nearly £2 a shot. Also, it takes practice to really understand the film’s qualities within the camera you’re using; whether exposure composition is necessary etc. Overall it seems like there is about a 50:50 success rate, the few images from Camden, St Paul’s and the images I took on the train worked well, but the results were still unpredictable. The process itself is very enjoyable, and reaches out to the part of you which loves the instantaneous nature of the film, even if full development takes about 30 mins.


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