Pentacon Six


After getting into medium format film, I soon set my heart on a Pentacon Six camera. I needed a way to get into the medium format system on a student budget. I found plenty of information on the internet about the system, I will include the links to the sites for more information. Ted Forbes, on The Art of Photography You Tube channel has some wonderfully insightful videos on the camera. I purchased the camera in Prague, and it was a chance purchase on the art school trip last March. Centrum FotoŠkoda is a well recommended retailer of the Pentacon Six models, and I was fortunate enough to acquire one for a really good price. Eastern Europe has to be the right place to buy an East German camera, it cost half as much as on eBay and is in fantastic condition.

The model I have is the Pentacon Six, (1966-68) the model before the more famous Pentacon Six TL, the most commonly sought after model. It came with the Carl Zeiss Jena Biometar 80mm lens, which is a lovely lens to shoot with. I am still searching for a case. I fell in love with this camera in the shop, I adore the waist level viewfinder and versatility of it being an SLR. There is also a stop down preview button, which is useful. I recently purchased the Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 50mm lens which makes it look like something used to stop a tank, but is a stunning lens. I am lucky, I have had few issues with my camera, although I know there are known problems with spacing shutters. Reading is key, and research before buying, know what to look for. It still remains my favourite camera, there is nothing quite like it.


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